your Pics that fix
- How can I help the Planet and find new friends or clients at the same time?
- Easy, ECOPics!

  • Promotion for businesses
  • Motivation for players
  • Prosperity to the World

(launching soon)
Why Ecopics?
Every 3 minutes we destroy:
  • 140 football fields of forests
  • 66 billion cubic meters of fresh water
  • 70 hectares of fertile land
  • 36 million cubic meters of gas
  • 180,000 barrels of oil
  • 60,000 tons of coal

80 % we turn into CO2
17 % - in trash

So, we will devastate our planet by 2060, provoking chaos, wars and epidemics.
A few more facts
  • 60,000 species of animals and insects have already disappeared because of us.
  • Water, air and soil is more polluted than ever before in the last 1.5 billion years.
  • The weight of the plastic garbage on land and in water approaches 10 000 000 000 tons.
$ 400 trillion is currently invested in ECONOMIES


The key points about ECOPics

- Based on google maps and is available worldwide 24/7

- Just like in ordinary Olympics it's open to all people and businesses

- The potential audience is all internet users aged 6+

- Participation is free and safe for all users

- We don't have advertising, only motivational offers

How does it work for Players
Do good and take a Pic of that
Post your foto or video to get scored
Get treats and super offers, according to your interests and rating
How does it work for Partners/Motivators
Create motivational offers stimulating players to do good
Pin your moffers where you want promotion and more happy clients
DO NOT pay us for advertising!
Turn the saved budgets into more discounts and gifts
Saving the World Pic by Pic
Enjoy the new and happy customers
Save millions on advertising and PR
Become a hero for your employees and partners
and concur competitors
Get more free promo time for your quality motivation and care
Why is ECO business and ECO marketing inevitable?
Every day people refuse:
  • Harmful products
  • Excessive packaging
  • Annoying ads
75% believe that brands have more power than politicians
  • We expect more care and motivation from businesses and no more lies or manipulation.
  • We are prepared to pay up to 15 % to socially and environmentally responsible brands.
  • Employees are seeking more meaning and use in what they produce and trade.
ECO trend is not a trend
It is the only instrument left to protect ourselves, our children and the Planet
Pavel Suvorov
Phone: +7 981 140 42 42

Marija Vlasova

Phone: +47 95 06 75 25
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